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Birthdate:Nov 13

What’s a girl like you doing in a place like this?

  • Her name's Camilla Annette Elliot, ‘cause her Ma was a sucker for fancy names.

  • Cammie suits her better though, since she’s more childish, bubbly and flirty than any form of refined.

  • Hell, if you took her to a fancy dinner party, she’d rather be making the food than dressing up and chatting with the fancily dressed guests. Then again, she does want to be a chef.

  • Sadly, right now, her dream’s not really possibly, ‘cause she’s sort of got this not so awesome power. Kind of a curse is how she thinks of it sometimes, but most people would call it a genetic mutation.

  • This lovely little power is the reason she ran away from home at fifteen and has basically been living a nomadic life style.

  • And no, her family’s lovely. They didn’t kick her out or anything. She just felt her power was too “dangerous.”

  • For about three years, she did live in a small town in the Midwest, but she couldn’t stay for long. Her personality doesn’t really go well with commitment.

  • Commitment issues are also why she’s a serial monogamist. 

You keep mentioning a power…

  • Ah yes, what can she do exactly? The formal name for it would be “Sin Induction” though, that’s not exactly descriptive.

  • What her power does is draw out a person’s worst personality traits, make them stronger and at worst, make them take over the entire person’s personality. It could turn a guy with anger management issues into a less green version of the Hulk.

  • Cammie’d love to just never touch it, never use it, but that’s not how it works. See, if she gets even the least bit distracted, her power activates and it keeps becoming more and more effective until she tries to get control of it. By then, it’s a little late, most of the time.

  • She’s found, the only way to stop it is for her to bail and the other person will eventually get back to normal.

  • This isn’t very fun for Miss Cammie, but she tries to be optimistic about it. 

  • The way the power manifests is like strings. Cammie feels 'sin strings' attached to everyone (human) around her. 

For the long story, go here.
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